About Us
It was Christmas 1978 when Jeremy fell in love
with cycling.  It was the day he got his first BMX
bike.  He started working on bikes when he heard
its' first squeak; soon learning that he loved
turning wrenches, too.  When Jeremy was 12
years old, he became the "official" neighborhood
bike mechanic and was fixing his friend's bikes
for fun.
In 1996 Jeremy had the opportunity to work at the
Bike Rack in Jackson, MS with Rex Harrison (one
of the best techs in the business) and was his
apprentice for 5 years.  Jeremy's BMX
background made him a natural at mountain
biking and he started entering local and regional
mountain bike races.  Jeremy moved from
Jackson in 2001 but continued to ride, race and
wrench bikes.
In 2004, Jeremy began working at Indian Cycle in
Ridgeland, MS; there he was responsible for sales
and service as well as instructing basic
maintenance classes after hours.

Revolution LLC was created June 1, 2007 by
Jeremy Polk and Paula Pellegrin as an effort to
give the cycling community of the Jackson metro
area a convenient and affordable alternative.
REVOLUTION LLC Mobile Bicycle Service